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 General Questions
 Director of Registration
 Staci Benoy -
 Director of Sponsorship
 Glenn Garner -
 VP Baseball - Upper League
 Glenn Garner -
 VP Baseball - Lower League
 Jeff Roy -
 VP of Softball
 Mike Sorrells -
 VP of Communications and Community Relations
 Barry Wesoly -
 VP of Basketball/Cheer
 Open -
 Greg Tatum -


If you are a parent of a player and want to reach your coach, once teams are selected you will be assigned to a team and will have access to your coaches' information. You can log in with your TeamSnap ID and password to access team information. Until players are assigned teams, these email addresses above are your best option. Or, if you are a non-player and just want to ask questions, pls feel free to email the best option above.




President - Greg Tatum
Treasurer - Ryan Glover
Secretary - Nathan Biggs
VP of Operations - John Sheridan
VP of Baseball - Upper League - Glenn Garner
VP of Baseball - Lower League - Jeff Roy
VP of Softball - Mike Sorrells
VP of Communication and Community Relations - Barry Wesoly
VP Basketball/Cheerleading - Open
Directory of Equipment - Vaughn Gladwell "Gooch"
Director of Registration - Staci Benoy
Director of Technology - Kevin Wyrick
Director of Sponsorship - Glen Garner
Director of Uniforms - Mike Sorrells


2016-17 SRA Commissioners and Volunteers


Commissioner of Cheer - Liz Martin
Commissioner of Baseball - Colt 16U - Robert Bell
Commissioner of Baseball - Pony 14U - Open
Commissioner of Baseball - Bronco 12U - Open
 Commissioner of Baseball - Mustang 10U - David Long/Ken Rudd
 Commissioner of Baseball - Pinto 8U - Amer and Nat - Jay Smith
 Commissioner of Baseball - Shetland 6U - Marcus Moss
 Commissioner of Softball - 10U, 12U, 14U - Danny Soto
 Commissioner of Softball - Ponytail and 8U - Danny Soto
 Commissioner of Basketball - 10U, 12U, 14U - Logan Key
 Commissioner of Basketball - Coed 5-6, 8U - Mike Fulp
Assistant for Website - Nathan Biggs
Assistant for Operations - Bill Arndt
Assistant for Sponsorship - Amy Scofield
Assistant for Sponsorship - Jamie Braxton
Special Events - Barry Wesoly & Glen Garner
Background Check Coordinator - Carol Wiedwald
Summer All-Star Coordinator - Vaughn Gladwell "Gooch"


SRA Address:

Summerfield Rec Assoc
POB 147
Summerfield, NC 27358




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